Shalana Pacheco

Shalana Pacheco

Group: Front of House Services
Office: London Office
Job title: Team Alliance Manager

My love for hospitality was sparked at a very early age when I went to work with my Dad for the day and got to visit Banqueting House. I had dinner with him in Outmess and little did I know, at the tender age of  5, how much of a privilege that was. To this day Banqueting House is still and will always be one of my very favourite venues.

Fast forward 12 years of my Dad endlessly trying to persuade me not to get into the industry, he finally made a call to his old boss, and I started working as a casual waitress for Moving Venue. For two years I worked my way up the casual team from a waitress to a team leader eventually to event supervisor.

Once I finished university I approached the directors of Moving Venue and asked them for a full-time job. I quickly became their staffing coordinator and one of Off to Work’s clients. The highlight of working for Moving Venue was serving Prince Phillip and being on one of the boats that went down the Thames during the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

At the grand age of 22, I had what I now refer to as my quarter life crisis where I thought it would be a wonderful idea to leave hospitality and go into property. What a dreadful mistake that was! 6 months into my property career I was getting serious chef withdrawal and longed to be around people who cooked exciting dishes, rather than builders who thought a nice lunch was a ham sandwich with a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Following this realisation, I began organising catering for private planes where for posh passengers, money is no object and spending over £3,000 on food for a quick flight to Paris is completely normal!

After four years of driving to an airport every day and sadly not going on holiday, I realised that my true passion is staffing and developing people- so here I am!


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