Luminita Panaite

Luminita Panaite

Group: Accounts and Payroll Services
Office: London Office
Job title: Credit Controller

Growing up in a small town in Romania, I never had a clear view of what to do in the future so I just stumbled around looking for a job that might suit me best. I eventually stumbled upon a credit controller job within an English company which outsourced some of its departments to our wonderful little town. 

Three months into the job I realised this was exactly what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much opportunity for growth in this role so I moved to London to search for a new challenge. I happened to find a very fun sounding job advert for a Credit Control position within Off to Work. The tone and voice of the advert really spoke to me and I remember thinking, “If this company is as good as it sounds then that is the place for me” so of course, I applied!

During the interview process, I realised that the people I was meeting reminded me a lot of my colleagues back home, which made me really happy. I was absolutely delighted when I was offered the job at the start of January 2017, especially as I got to start a new job for the new year!

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