Kyra Helberg

Kyra Helberg

Group: Scotland & North East
Office: Scotland Office
Job title: Recruitment and Operations Assistant

Although I dabbled in restaurant work during my time at school, my hospitality journey began in earnest when I wandered into Edinburgh’s famous Frankenstein Pub, enticed by the name, and found my first bartending job less than two weeks after moving to the city for university. Due to scheduling conflicts with my studies, I didn’t stay at this job for long, but it gave me the bartending experience and confidence I needed to join Off to Work in 2017 as a casual team member. In this role, I worked with the company for approximately a year as a casual team member before moving up to a coaching position in April of 2018.

After fifteen frenzied months of running assessment days, supervising on shifts, and somehow managing to graduate with my undergraduate degree in English and Scottish literature, I’m now proud to join the team with a permanent contract while I pursue my postgraduate studies in Romantic Era literature.

Despite no longer working out in the field, I maintain a passion for bartending, and when I have the opportunity, I love to experiment with cocktail-making. When I’m not busy at the office, I spend my time writing fiction, playing video games, and trying to entertain friends and strangers with wild stories from the lives of 19th century authors. Ask me about Lord Byron’s pet bear.

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