Georgia McCarthy

Georgia McCarthy

Group: Office & HR Management
Office: London Office
Job title: Office Manager & HR Administrator

My hospitality career started on the day of my 16th Birthday, at my local pub. Since then I have dabbled in all areas of the industry including being a Chef, Supervisor, Assistant Manager and Mixologist. 

Whilst living in Birmingham, I was part of the Off to Work Casual Recruitment team leading their Midland’s Recruitment, as well as being involved with various projects throughout the UK and Overseas. 

This was also when I discovered that event work is a whole different ball-game to restaurants and bars. Working out of the back of vans; trying to share out 2 bottles of gin, vodka and whiskey between 200 guests; and not having the luxury of hot-running water in the middle of a field showed me a new level of ‘thinking-on-your-feet’ intuition I never thought I had. With this, I got a fabulous insight into how the other half lives, meeting celebrities, servicing massive brands like Monster & Aston Martin, as well as being lucky enough to serve the most beautiful and happy couples on their wedding days.


All in all, I was only away from Off to Work for 10 months, as even during my time working as a Facilities Manager at Regus UK, I worked causally with the Birmingham Team and became a regular Supervisor at Aston Villa Football Club.

After moving back to London, I went back to my waitressing roots with Oakman Inns. Whilst there I was put forward for the role of Office Manager by the Off to Work Director of Regional Operations (whom is now running the UK &Ireland!). It was a good call as recently she commented that me being in this role is like a ‘Pig in….’ well, you get the idea.

Other hobbies include: singing like Cher, singing like Kate Bush, singing like a Chipmunk, singing…normally, trying to find any food that is smothered in cheese and reciting all the words to the musical Hamilton. Repeatedly.

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