Ella Nobre-Wachter

Ella Nobre-Wachter

Group: Marketing & Communications
Office: London Office
Job title: Content Marketing Manager

Ella grew up in Brighton (via Portugal and Switzerland) and later moved to Sheffield to study for a BA in Public Relations. She loved Yorkshire puddings and the Peak District so much that she lived there a few more years post-grad, before moving to the Big Smoke in 2017 where she embarked on a MA in Creative Writing. She’s worked in copywriting and marketing departments in industries such as online cashback, e-commerce, recruitment and charity before joining Off to Work.

She knew she found her calling when she was given a Barbie typewriter and Hello Kitty stationary set on her 8th birthday. Since then, Ella has never stopped writing: poems, stories, (unrequited) love letters, and many, many failed attempts at novels. In her teens, she took things online and started a blog, struggling through several niches (beauty, fashion, travel, film… you name it) before deciding that she didn’t need one and now pretty much writes about anything that takes her fancy.

A lover of all things social media, Ella loves keeping up with her favourite bloggers and influencers on Instagram or comedians and writers on Twitter. When she’s not laughing at memes or still trying to pen that best-selling debut novel, she can be found bingeing her favourite shows on Netflix, attending life drawing classes, rehearsing her stand-up, or touring bottomless brunches around London.


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