Caroline Part

Caroline Part

Group: Scotland & North East
Office: Scotland Office
Job title: Assistant Branch Manager

Working for hospitality staffing agencies whilst studying for a BA Hons in Sociology in Newcastle and travelling in Australia sparked my interest in pursuing Hospitality full time. I specifically enjoyed Events which led me down the path of a MA in Event Management at Northumbria University.

After my graduation, I headed north to beautiful Edinburgh, and was very fortunate to land myself a position within the events team at Edinburgh Castle!  Four promotions, one TUPE and a change of venue later, I was Event Manager for Clerkenwell Green at the National Museum of Scotland which was NOT a bad place to work!

As an Event Manager with first-hand experience of the staffing requirements of event venues and as an Off to Work client myself, I’ve seen the calibre of staffing they can provide compared to competitors, so when a position came up in the Edinburgh office it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It also brought me back full circle to my start as an agency worker!

Life outside of work is spent in the hills as much as possible, especially in winter when I try to get to one of Scotland’s 5 premier* ski stations whenever there is snow** 

(Although they’re not that premier)

(And it doesn’t snow that often)


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