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JUNE 25TH 2016

Off to Work on Brexit


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Our Managing Director Philip Atkins on the recent referendum results.

With the referendum decision for the UK to leave the EU after 43 years, you may have many questions as to what it will all mean and equally how we will be planning for it. The length of time the UK has been in the EU, and the historic nature of this referendum, mean that it is hard for any accurate predictions to be made at this time. There are many hard political yards to go before it is clear as to what it will mean to the UK, and its relationship with the EU.
What is certain is that, other than the initial expected wobbles seen in currency and stock markets, change will be a slow process taking up to two years to become clear and resolve. Once initial hyperbole has died down we look forward to seeing a sensible and logical approach adapted to this both by politicians and business leaders. Securing the long-term economic future of the UK will undoubtedly be at the forefront of all discussions.
The UK hospitality industry is also well placed to remain robust during this initial period.  Indeed while this decision has raised many uncertainties, should the UK pound not rebound from its initial drop in value after the vote, the UK hospitality industry is expected to see an upsurge in international tourism with it becoming a cheaper option.
While the longer term effects of this decision will take time to be revealed, we will maximise opportunities and focus on delivering success with you and for you, our wonderful and amazing team, as well as our clients.

Delivering excellence will continue to be key to this and thank you for being part of the diverse foundation that supports Off to Work and enables so many amazing experiences.

Philip Atkins,
Managing Director

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