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JULY 5TH 2018

We're expanding our Client Heroes Program

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We’ve expanded our Client Heroes Program, which now makes it easier for our superstar Team Members to work with their favorite Off to Work clients.

It's been over a year since we launched our Client Hero Program but with some fantastic new changes taking place, we’ve now made it even easier for our Team Members to become a ‘Hero’ for their favourite and regular clients, which gives them the power to confirm more of their own shifts as a reward for working so hard and contributing to the success of our clients’ businesses.


How is the Client Hero Program expanding?

  • All current favourite team members in the system will be promoted to Heroes immediately.
  • Team Members will be promoted to Heroes on completion of 5 shifts working with a client.
  • Clients will now be able to promote staff to Hero status at the time-sheet submission stage – this applies to both the website & app.

What does Hero status actually mean?

It gives team members greater control in booking shifts instantly with clients, once they have proven that they are a reliable Hero!

Shifts will be clearly indicated with a gold star in the application screen and the Apply button will be replaced with a Confirm button. Team Members can now simply book themselves in and away they go!

Team Members will receive a congratulatory email once Hero status has been gained and gold stars will start appearing across their shift application page.


Heroes give back to the less fortunate

We are extremely proud to support Mary's Meals, an extraordinary charity that provides school meals to poor schoolchildren in Africa. The charity was set up from a shed in Scotland and now provides school meals daily to over 1 million children in Africa and other poor nations. We have already donated over £18,000 to the charity and have provided 344,080 meals to the 1564 students at Mbindo Primary School In Dowa, Malawi for one year.

Each time a Team Member becomes a hero for one of our clients, we donate £1 to Mary's Meals. The annual cost of a school meal for one child is £13.90, so it only takes 14 Off to Work Heroes to feed a child in school for an entire year!



If you have any questions regarding the updates to Heroes, please feel free to get in touch at [email protected] and we’d be happy to chat!              

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