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OtW Success Stories - Running for Education


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Our very own Antonia Dawson, Talent Stream Executive in London, is running the London Marathon next April to raise money for Children in Crisis, a charity that gives children in some of the world’s poorest countries the education they need to transform their lives.

Charity initiatives are very close to the Off to Work family’s heart. Fact.  

Last October we collaborated with Mary’s Meals with the goal of feeding two schools in Malawi for one year by donating £1 every time we receive positive feedback from a client. After one year, we are very close to reaching our goal.  

We are now excited to share another brave mission being undertaken by one of our office team members. Our very own Antonia (Toni) Dawson, Talent Stream Executive in London, is running the London Marathon next April to raise money for Children in Crisis, a charity that gives children in some of the worlds poorest countries the education they need to transform their lives. They help children suffering the effects of conflict in Africa and Asia, specifically Afghanistan, Burundi, DR Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Toni, tell us a bit about yourself! 

I come from a sporty family and used to compete in swimming & cross country races during school days. I have always been inspired by my sister who used to run for Great Britain and I have watched my nieces compete in the mini marathon the last couple of years. It is so emotional watching all of the races and I get such a buzz from seeing thousands of people running for amazing causes. 

Why did you decide to run the marathon for charity? And why Children in Crisis? 

I took part in a World Challenge Expedition during my last year of school, where I spent some time in Guatemala. I took part in building a beach hut, in which we taught local children English & the difference between natural objects and litter, as the town was very polluted. These children were from an extremely poor area with no education opportunities. They were so happy, grateful and really enjoyed learning! It was so refreshing to see, but at the same time such a shame they didn’t have access to basic things most children do! It was a real eye-opener and something that has always stuck with me, so when I thought about which charity to run for, this experience sprung to mind. 

I applied for Children in Crisis as this charity helps provide an education for children in the world’s poorest countries. It is so important that children have a chance in life and it is something I am very passionate about.

My target is to raise £2500 and Off to Work are being very supportive in helping me. 

How can our team help?

We are running a Movie Night this Friday, where all office members, team members, friends and families are invited! Our Managing Director Philip Atkins has offered to contribute £5 for every team member who attends which is extremely generous and I am very grateful! It should be a great night. We will be watching the classic ‘Back to the Future’ on a large screen with sofas, popcorn and drinks! Feel free to join us as you'll be helping us to fundraise just by showing up!

If you are unable to attend Friday’s Movie Night, you can still donate to help Toni’s cause here.

Learn more about Children in Crisis

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