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AUGUST 15TH 2018

Meet the Off to Work Team - Frankie

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We caught up with Frankie, our Weddings & Events Operations Manager and member of our Birmingham team.

Frankie joined Off to Work this April, coming to us from an eclectic background in hospitality and events. She began working in pubs whilst pursuing a degree in Community and Applied Dance Theatre at the Birmingham School of Acting, before moving onto roles in hospitality management in theatres such as the Birmingham Hippodrome and Alexandra. We caught up with Frankie to discuss her experiences, what she hopes to bring to the Weddings and Events sector, as well as her favourite moments with Off to Work so far.


Tell us about your background, where did your career in hospitality begin? What skills and experience have you brought to your role?

I initially trained in Dance Theatre at Birmingham School of Acting and worked in pubs on the side to make a little money whilst I was studying as every student does. I very quickly got promoted in these jobs and ended up gaining a role at The Alexandra Theatre, where in a year I was promoted from an assistant role to House manager. I then moved onto a management position at The Birmingham Hippodrome and continued to flourish. I have years of knowledge in managing high turnover fast-paced environments, which has allowed me to transfer my knowledge into my role. My knowledge of floor operations management has lent really well to understanding my clients' needs and also in being able to develop my teams in accordance to my clients preferences.

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What inspired you to join Off to Work?

After working in hospitality for many years I was definitely in need of a change and also really wanted to move away from working every night, after nearly 10 years I definitely paid my dues. I have always been so interested in events management and was excited to move into the direction of weddings also. Even though Off to Work is a mainly staffing solution company, the role is so much more than that. I had also heard about Off to Work as we used to outsource some of their staff at The Birmingham Hippodrome for many different events. The staff were always fantastic and you could truly see that the standard of training was far senior to any other agency we used prior.


What has been your favourite experience since joining the company?

I have to say that my favourite experience was managing a very high profile wedding for over 300 people. Unfortunately I cannot go into much detail due to the nature of the event but it was fantastic! The team from Off to Work were of such a high standard that they made running the event a dream and the couple were so happy with their day. Even though the wedding was completely outside and 30 degrees - it was glorious.


What are your ambitions as Events and Wedding Operations Manager? How do you hope to develop and what do you hope to achieve within the next year or so?

I would love to eventually grow the role to become a position which is used in all of the Off to Work branches across the region. There is so much room for development within the role and also the industry. DIY weddings are becoming a huge part of the industry and the need for excellent staff is growing exponentially. My goal within the next year is to introduce a handpicked ‘wedding team’ that can completely run the wedding day, from an onsite wedding day co-ordinator to catering manager, to staff who help you set up your marquee the day before your wedding, to the kitchen porters who clear-up your street food fish and chips wrappers.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the variety it brings to my everyday life and I also get to see a very important day in people’s lives. It is so important to me that we assist in making fabulous memories for people, and being part of their lives on such special days.


What are some key trends in events or weddings that you are interested in right now? Have you found any of them prevalent through your own role and cliental?

Weddings are very expensive and people are now looking at ways that they can save money but also have an awesome day, so DIY weddings are now the thing! Brides and Grooms are now looking at marquees and Sperry tents in fields where they hire posh potties and have street food bars and vendors providing food for their special day. By doing this it gives the couple free reign to tailor their day to whatever they want and also save a lot of money in the process.


What are you interests outside of work?

My own wedding! I’m currently in the process of planning my own wedding in Santorini and the incredible Dana Villas May 2020. I will also be having a big party when we return to celebrate and I will be planning a DIY party.

I also still enjoy performing and modelling in my spare time, and spending time with my fiancé and our little cat Caspian. I’m currently in rehearsals for the production of West Side Story which will be performed at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre in November.

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If you have any questions regarding weddings and events, please get in touch with Frankie at [email protected]

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