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JUNE 26TH 2017

From PANDA to Playwright - Meet Off to Work's Scott.


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We catch up with Scott, our talented team member who is writing, performing and starring in his play "Nothing to Perform" at the Camden Fringe Festival.

Hospitality is an industry that’s all about the people - people to serve and to entertain. Off to Work spend a lot of time making sure that our teams can help our clients to make this happen. We employ our hospitality team on a casual basis, which doesn’t mean they wear jeans and hoodies to work (although I’m sure some of them would be over the moon if this was allowed!). Casual work means flexible work. Each season we are fortunate to receive applications from students, singers, actors and other creatives who want to support themselves whilst having time to pursue their passions outside of work.

As part of our new Off to Work Talent initiative, we will be featuring talented members of our casual team and exploring their ventures outside of the work place. This week, we caught up with Scott who is a playwright and actor, as well as an integral member of our Platinum (or PANDA) team.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as an Off to Work Platinum team member.

I’ve been working for Off to Work for a few months now and in that time I’ve worked for some very interesting clients. I did a shift at The Queens Cup which was really different and exciting, and I’ve also worked for some very classy events for Dior and Cartier! 

I found Off to Work through Ella, another member of the casual team, who is studying alongside me at RADA. It was the flexibility of the work that attracted me as my course is full time and I spend a lot of time on my work and projects.

Being able to keep track of my schedule on the app and switch shifts in the Facebook group is incredibly handy. The money isn’t bad either! 

Tell us more about the play you’ve written, “Nothing to Perform”.

“Nothing to Perform” was born 7 years ago in my University accommodation in Salford. Over time, I’ve plugged away and developed it with numerous people and I also collaborated with the national youth theatre to workshop the piece. I am very proud of how it has grown and delighted that it will be part of the Camden Fringe this year.

I even managed to find one of the key cast members through networking at an event I was working for Off to Work! The event was for Cartier at the design museum and I noticed that one guy was milling around alone. As I was handing out champagne glasses, I started up a polite conversation and we got talking. His name was Jace and lo and behold, he was an actor who had just moved back from LA! We had a good chat about casting and a few weeks later, I cast him in the role of Andrew. 

What advice would you give to any budding creatives, or those wanting to join the Off to Work Platinum team?

My advice for anyone wanting to work as a Platinum team member is, just do it! There is so much camaraderie within the team and when you get to know everyone, work becomes very sociable. The team is very likeminded and I work with a host of musicians, actors, models and filmmakers. It’s great to meet people in the industry. To any budding creatives, just stick with it. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some incredible script writers like Tim Crouch and Simon Stephens and their advice was the same! Just do it. Keep going and pushing on with your projects, even if they aren’t working out in the beginning, you get nowhere if you don’t try! 

Nothing to Perform is running from 11th through the 13th August at The Cockpit Theatre in London. You can grab your tickets here. For more information, email Scott.

Follow Nothing to Perform on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you want to apply to join our casual team, please head on over to our website or if you have an interesting story to share with us, please email Marta or  Jess.

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