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APRIL 13TH 2016

Living Wage Announcement


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Off to Work announces decision to give under 25s the opportunity to earn the same wage as team members over age 25.

It is with great pleasure that I today bring you some wonderful news. You are getting a pay rise.

As you may know the new statutory national living wage for workers aged 25 and above went into effect on 1st April 2016.

What is it? It is a new nationwide legislation raising the minimum wage for those aged 25 or over to £7.20 from £6.70 per hour. So if you are 25 or above, the least you will ever be paid by Off to Work is £8.07 per hour, including holiday (£7.20 + £0.87 = £8.07).

If you have not yet celebrated your 25th birthday, keep reading as there is great news for you too. Whilst many employers have opted for separate pay rates for under 25 versus over 25, we feel it would be unfair to have fantastic longstanding team members aged under 25 getting paid 56p per hour less than a 25 year old on their first shift with us (£6.70 + holiday of £0.81 = £7.51). That is not amazing, and we feel absolutely obliged to do something about it.

What does this mean for you?

So it is with great excitement that we today announce that all of you will be lifted to a minimum of £7.20/hour plus a holiday allowance payment of £0.87/hour, bringing your minimum hourly Off to Work pay to £8.07/hour. For those aged 18 to 24, this pay rise will apply after the first 30 shifts are completed.

If you've already worked 30 shifts with us, you'll be delighted to know your pay was increased on the 1st April as the counting of these 30 shifts is back dated. You will be paid £8.07 including holiday even if the website displayed a lower amount when you applied for the shift. If you are under 25 and recently joined us, your pay will be lifted from your 31st shift onwards. Don’t worry about keeping track as our system will automatically increase your pay rate when it is due.

The pay rise is a substantial financial commitment, but we're convinced it will deliver fantastic results. We also believe you get what you pay for and you, our brilliant team, do deserve every penny.

We hope the rise will support you in your career with Off to Work and that you will be part of our team for years to come. Thank you again for being amazing, showing up extra early, making sure your grooming and appearance is nothing but perfect and polished. It makes a huge difference and we appreciate it.
We look forward to seeing you on lots of fantastic events in the near future and with Easter now behind us, business levels will pick up. Here is to a wonderful spring and summer ahead.
Hi Ho, Off to Work we go!
Robert Persson
Director of Operations
Off to Work

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