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Introducing Frankie - Our Resident Actress!


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At Off to Work, we always do our very best to train and develop members of our front and back of house teams. A route of natural progression for our talented team members who are confident with internal and external communications is to join our office as a coach. These 'coach' shifts are paid and we’ve employed coaches in almost every department, from Operations and Recruitment to Payroll and Marketing. This experience is equally helpful for those team members who want to pursue an office based career and for those who need flexible hours.

One of our star coaches in the Off to Work London office is Frankie, who has worked for our casual team since 2013. Alongside her coach shifts, Frankie is keen actress and recently stared in the movie ‘Misrule’ which premiered on October 19th.  Frankie works specifically as a coach for our Contracts team whilst doing frequent shifts on the field for our clients too. We caught up with Frankie to see how she fits Off to Work around her life as an actress and what we can expect from her new film, Misrule.


Do you have a stand out shift or moment whilst working for us?

I get to work at lots of exciting events, but I would say that my stand out moment with Off to Work was working at the Brits and getting to see Sam Smith perform, it was incredible!

Do you have a ‘favourite’ client to work for?

My favourite client to work with is M&S, they are the nicest managers and all the guests that attend their events are super friendly. I have even met Joanna Lumley through working one of the M&S dinners, and she is very friendly in person!!


Tell us a bit about Misrule - how did you get your part in the movie?

Misrule has a very interesting and dynamic plot. To summarise, Security Services officer Christian, confused and unsure of who he really is anymore, must come to terms with his own identity while on the hunt for a Russian agent.

I actually knew the Writer/Director of Misrule as we grew up in the same area. He wrote the part with me in mind, which is why the character has the name Frankie. The premier for Misrule was on the 19th of October at the Curzon in Soho which I was really excited to attend!  


Was it easy to fit your work around rehearsals and filming for Misrule? 

As filming of Misrule required me to be in Plymouth for two weeks, I had to take the time off from work but as I have a zero-hour contract with Off to Work, it was very easy to pick up more hours when I was back in London to cover the time off I was having.


What advice would you give to others wanting to join the Off to Work team? 

I would tell everyone wanting to Join Off to Work to just do it! If you are looking for some amazing experiences then it’s definitely the place for you. It’s also great to be able to choose when you would like to work as well.



Interested in joining the Off to Work team and working flexible, fun shifts in London, Birmingham, Scotland, Wales, Belfast and beyond? Click here to fill out our application form!

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