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Introducing Client Heroes Program


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Now it's easier for clients and their favourite staff to work together with automatic shift confirmations.

Introducing Client Heroes, a new service opportunity which will allow staff members picked by clients as Heroes to your operation to book themselves onto future shifts. Doing so will reduce the booking process for these staff from two stages to one streamlining the process for them and for you.

Our operations team will still be looking at every single booking, tweaking teams as necessary, to maximise the quality of the teams and service.

Our Client Heroes, while able to confirm themselves up for events, still need to re-confirm they have read all confirmed details for the booking and that they are ready to perform. Through the simplification of the system, it will allow them greater time to focus on the important details.

There are occasions where we need to move staff between shifts to fit operational needs. For example should a client have two events on the one evening and want a particular bartender on one of the events who has confirmed for the other, we will move them across.

Client Benefits

- Providing you with increased consistency in your teams
- Providing an opportunity to reward good staff with no financial implication to you
- Clearly showing that your feedback is being noted and taken seriously and we are working with you build up your own specialist bank of staff
- Providing earlier certainty of key staff being in place ensuring a smooth event operation for you.

Staff Benefits

- Increase your ability to plan your working life
- Give recognition to the consistent good service and support you give to specific clients
- Shorten the booking process for you

The final make up of all teams is determined by us, with input from our clients, in order to enable amazing experiences for all.

We hope this makes the booking process easier and creates a more rewarding experience for our clients and staff. 

Staff FAQs

What will I see on the website?

When you log on to the website, you will see when and where you have Client Hero status, and can see all shifts that are available for you to self-confirm. You simply need to confirm those shifts where you are free and would like to do rather than applying and waiting to hear back from our operations team.

Once I am a Client Hero will I be able to book myself up for all clients?

No, Client Hero status will be client specific and you will only be recognised as one once you have proved your ability with a particular client. Clients give us continual feedback on team and individual performance, so when remarks about your performance are consistently glowing we will move you onto being a Hero.

Can I be a Client Hero for more than one client?

Yes absolutely: if you always do your best and prove to be a star for our clients you can build up a long list of clients you can self-book for.

Will I be able to self-book for all events for a client once I am a hero for them?

We will make as many events as possible available for self-booking to you, however some events will not be suitable to do so. There may be, for example, a high level of security and details we need to check with you before confirming your booking.

Once I have self-confirmed, will I ever be moved onto another shift or cancelled?

We will move our Heroes as little as possible from shifts they have booked on. However to ensure the highest quality of service for our clients, changes are sometimes necessary.

There could be a situation where you have self-confirmed yourself for an event and the same client has another event on that night that they feel you are best suited for and hence ask you to be swapped across.

It is highly unlikely that you will ever be cancelled off an event. Should an event be cancelled in its entirety, we will always look to place you in alternative work.

Can I cancel myself on the website off shifts I have confirmed for?

No, you will not be able to cancel shifts you have confirmed for online. You will need to follow our normal protocol of calling the office depending on how long before the event the cancellation is.

Please note that should you auto-confirm and then cancel off shifts frequently, you may lose your Hero status as this is reflective of your long-term consistency and commitment.

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