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How can Off to Work help you pursue your creative dreams?


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Off to Work's creative extraordinaire Terry Jones shares his experience of working with Off to Work whilst perusing a career in film making.

At Off to Work, we pride ourselves on being people focused. As a company, we like to think that joining us is a forward career move for anyone, whether they’re starting as a casual Kitchen Porter or joining the office as a Manager or Director.

This week, we are featuring our very own Terry Jones, an established Filmmaker and director who has been working for Off to Work since 2012. Since then, he’s progressed from a Front of House casual team member, to recruitment coach and is now a permanent member of the Marketing Team.  

Why did you decide to join Off to Work?

When I joined Off to Work, I was in the process of trying to make my first film and I was also doing a fair bit of modelling work so I need to find something with flexibility. There was no way I could be tied down to a 9-5! Off to Work sometimes use StarNow to recruit for platinum team members and when they came across my profile on there, they got in touch.

At the time, this casual, flexiable work was the perfect choice for me. I could make money but if I needed five days straight to work on a project, it was never a problem. I always knew that film production was my dream and I needed a job which could supplement this whilst allowing me to be creative.

Has your involvement with Off to Work helped you with your film making?

My time with the company has allowed me to form some great connections with other creatives. I’ve met lots of performers and other film makers, as well as photography assistants. I’ve had a few of the team members assist me with jobs and video directing. Some have even hired me to shoot show reels for them. It’s a great opportunity to network with other, like minded individuals!

Becoming a recruitment coach also made a really positive impact on my working style outside of the office. I found I was implementing the organisational structure of the department in my own work and using the transferable skills I learned helped me to keep things organised and running smoothly.

How do you feel that creative voices can contribute to Off to Work?

Team Off to Work is incredibly knowledgeable about the hospitality industry and also has a strong understanding of the current social climate. I love the way that Off to Work allows anyone in the company  contribute to the brand. When I shot the Off to Work video, it was a great opportunity to produce something a bit different which has set us apart from our competitors.

It was great to shoot a video (you can watch it here) that showed how our team members carry the passion they have for their jobs into their personal lives. It's very rare to find a company that has passion and a clear vision of what they want to achieve with the marketing materials I create. With the video, I tried to capture why  the team were doing what they did and when you have a story, the rest just falls into place. Off to Work recognises the fact their staff are talented in ways beyond the work they do for the company and allows them to contribute. In creative roles, we all look at the same things differently and when ideas start flying around, it becomes really fun to collaborate.

What is the chance of progression like for a casual Off to Work Team Member?

The main thing for anyone who is creative to know is that this doesn’t just have to be a job you’re doing on the side until you get to where you want to be. You can really grow and there are opportunities to learn within the company too. I’ve grown and experienced pretty much every aspect of Off to Work, from working in the field to becoming a recruitment coach and leading assessment days. Now, after producing the Off to Work video and helping the team, I've officially joined Marketing department. Off to Work always encourages people with big personalities who have lots to offer! We’ve even evolved our recruitment process now to recognise people who we think would mesh well with the team and we make sure to put a note on their profiles and keep an eye on them. It’s a great bridge between the field and the office and if we’re lucky – these people move into the office and become our coaches!

What advice would you give to any budding creatives looking to join the Off to Work team?

The first thing would be, don’t treat your Off to Work life and your outside passions as separate things. Take what you’re good at and bring it into the company because they want to see it! With Off to Work, you can really contribute ideas and your work becomes more than just a side job to earn some money. The more you put in to Off to Work, the more you can move forward and collaborate with other creative people that think like you do.

Secondly, embrace your creativity and bring it into the company even if you don’t know how it will fit in! Off to Work is growing because they are willing to give people a chance and open to hearing new ideas. You never know, your Off to Work life might inspire your outward creativity, grow your network and give you some transferable skills.


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