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Fast Track 50 - Supporting our Casual Team


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Introducing our new Fast Track 50 programme which has been developed to keep young hospitality professionals engaged in the industry. Keep reading to find out how you can help!

Engaged employees are one of the most valuable assets a business can have. Working to ensure that your business has the right conditions for your employees to give their best each day may seem like it would take a lot of hard work, free breakfasts and HR professionals, but we think it’s a lot simpler than that.

As an agency, we always run the risk of our team members becoming despondent if they don’t know for sure that they can rely on the support of the wider office team. Whilst we understand some of our staff join us to supplement their university studies, or during lull periods in seasonal work (both of which we actively encourage) there are also LOTS of budding hospitality professionals that see Off to Work as a space to learn and grow.


After asking around and undertaking lots of valuable focus groups, we realised that what our team members really wanted was to get more involved with Off to Work as a business. As we suspected, feeling like part of a close-knit team and having real opportunities for progression are also high on their priority lists. Thus, the Fast Track 50 programme was born. Off to Work employ office team members with experience in all areas of the hospitality industry and this is what sets us apart from our competition. Our combined years of experience is not only an operational USP, but naturally gives us an abundence of knowledge to pass on to our casual team. 

All our training courses and e-learning opportunities are fully available to our team members and we wanted to expand the areas in which they can develop through classroom and practical learning. Progression looks different for everyone and there needs to be a wide variety of options available for our diverse team. All Fast Track 50 journeys will start with a face to face interview with Alison Vella, Off to Work's training manager who joined us from Zuma USA. Alison's experience within this service driven culture means she is able to identify our team's skills and ambitions which will allow us to lead them in the right direction.


Our training team will also be introducing more regular bartender, barista, cocktail, hostess and ambassador upskilling sessions for those who see their careers growing in the field. For our team members who are looking for office opportunities and want to improve their admin and telephone skills, we can offer “coach” shifts in the office to assist the recruitment and operations teams during busy periods. We can work with our fast trackers on everything from ambassadorships to courses and qualifications and even driving licences. Nothing is off limits if it’s going to keep them interested and engaged in the industry.

To get a clear picture of the Fast Track 50 scheme and it’s benefits, we decided to speak to one of our fast trackers, Grace, who has been working for our casual team since 2013. She works mostly at Coworth park as a Team Leader and is looking to progress her career in hospitality, making her the perfect candidate to join the scheme.


Grace’s favourite thing about hospitality is the opportunity to meet new people and she loves working for different clients through Off to Work. She found out about Off to Work from her friend Francesca at drama school who is a coach in our London office.

Grace would love to become an Agency Events Manager or have her own events company in the future and this is a goal she is actively working towards. She has already undertaken our Team Leader Training programme as part of Fast Track 50 and she is excited about the path this could take her on.


So, how can you help?

Off to Work are looking for a range of client mentors to assist our Fast Trackers and get involved with the project. Our Fast Track 50 programme is available to all of our casual team members, so if you're constantly working with a superstar who you think can excel in the industry, it's a great way to engage them. Training, developing and mentoring one of our casual team members in house is a great way to develop them for your business without the commitment of hiring them permanently. We can also look at options to bring them into your business through our temp-perm programme, or simply keep booking them in advance through Off to Work using our Heroes system. 

This will allow you to form a real connection with your favourite team members and give them the opportunity to learn more about your business. Whether you take them on directly or not, your favourite team member can become a real ambassador for your business, working closely alongside you to achieve their personal goals. 

If you're interested in hearing more or getting directly involved with the project,  please get in touch! 


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