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MAY 22ND 2017

Event Photography Awards 2017


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A full review of the evening and an exclusive interview with Overall Winner, Luis Tato.

When it comes to Photography, Events can be an extremely difficult but incredibly rewarding subject. Food, fashion and nature can be unpredictable to photograph, but great pictures are the result of pre-planning, good lighting and flattering angles. Event photography is about catching real moments. It’s about capturing the spirit of the speaker the determination of the performer, the passion of the bride and groom in a moment so powerful they leap from the image and pull you in. Getting the perfect shot takes practise, stealth and intuition to pre-empt the movements and emotions of the subjects whilst blending in to watch the moment unfold organically.

The Event Photography Awards is a dynamic showcase of art that exhibits the work of Amateur and Professional Photographers from around the globe. This year the Awards were held on 27 April at The Dutch Hall provided by the wonderful Limone Events The Great Hall was a fantastic space and perfectly complimented the photography on display.  A steady stream of cocktails flowed throughout the reception, stirred and served by Tom Alabaster, along with a selection of Italian Cheese, Wine and Charcuterie provided by Villa Russiz for guests to enjoy.



Canapés provided by Canapébox were beautifully presented and a huge hit!  


The Awards were judged by a selection of esteemed Hospitality and Events professionals and were presented by EPAs founder and Managing Director of Off to Work, Philip Atkins. Philip founded the Event Photography Awards to provide a platform to recognise the art of event photography and it's role in capturing amazing experiences. Through their pictures, event photographers allow special moments to live forever, and he wanted this to be acknowledged and celebrated. 
The guests were also able to get involved and vote for their favourite photograph for the “People’s Choice Category”. This was done by anonymously applying gold stars to the chosen picture. These votes were then added to the number of likes each picture received on the EPA's Instagram to choose the winner.


Luis Tato’s epic photograph, “A Spanish Festival of Fire and Horses” won an unprecedented 3 categories including Cultural, People’s choice and Overall Winner. This compelling image, alight with vibrant orange and red hues captured the magic of the unique Spanish festival and won the hearts of the Judges and guest voters. Marta Fabiani, our Social Media Manager discovered Luis’ incredible portfolio on Instagram and informed him about the upcoming competition. He flew in from Barcelona to attend the awards and we were lucky enough to catch up with him afterwards.


“I turned to look at one of the photographers by my side and I noticed that his hair was on fire!”


Of course, the first thing we wanted to know was where Luis got the inspiration for his winning picture. He told us; “Spain is a very interesting place with a rich, traditional history. You can find hundreds of weird traditional festivals and rituals all over the country, especially in rural areas. As a Spaniard, I have a deep connection with that reality.


Getting the perfect shot, however, was no easy feat. “The night I shot “Spanish Festival of Fire and Horses” there were people everywhere. I turned to look at one of the photographers by my side and I noticed that his hair was on fire! I quickly warned him and helped him to extinguish the “problem”. Fortunately, we put out the little fire without any major consequences!"


“You have to be prepared for hard work. Photography is not a 9-5 job.”


Luis went into detail about his love for photography. “I was actually studying Graphic Design and Audio-Visual Communication when I received a cheap camera as a gift. I started to explore the possibilities of photography and teaching myself. After my studies, I took an amazing journey to South Asia and the images I shot here were eventually published.  They also helped me to win a prestigious Spanish grant for emergent photographers, so it was very much the start of my professional career.


 I’ve always had a strong visual education and I grew up surrounded canvases and oil paintings. My father is an amazing amateur painter and my brother is a professional one. Growing up in that environment gave me a good eye for composing and finding good images.


“Cristina García-Rodero and Cristiobal Hara are two great Spanish photographers who have been a great inspiration to me.”


Luis also won the Behind the Scenes award with his photograph “Pageant Miss Trans Star International” He explained how he manages not to disturb the image he is trying to capture. “I am an observer. That’s my work. I am a very quiet, introverted, shy person naturally and this is a part of my personality which helps me as a professional.”


He was keen to offer advice for any budding photographers looking to get into the field of Event Photography. “You have to be prepared for hard work. Photography is not a 9-5 job, but a lifestyle. Improve your skills as much as you can, which means shooting every day even if you don’t have the camera with you. Remember that you can always shoot with your mind! You also need to take care of your clients. Don’t sell yourself short and most importantly, be kind, respectful and gentle with the subjects of your pictures.”


Pageant Miss Trans Star International by Luis Tato


Luis was very happy to receive Overall Winner at this years’ Event Photography Awards. “This win is very important to me because it recognises all the hard work I did last year and encourages me to keep working hard. I am very happy to receive this award and I would like to encourage the EPAs to keep it up. Also, I want to congratulate all the talented photographers who have been shortlisted for taking some amazing photos.

Throughout the evening, Off to Work’s Terry Jones was busy filming the action on Instagram Stories. Corinne Cumming, winner of the Music Category and Highly Commended overall was unable to attend, but thanks to Terry’s filming, she could watch the whole event live and saw her parents accept the awards on her behalf!

All guests also had the opportunity to enter an incredible competition with Life Dreams to win a flight with the Red Bull World Champion of Acrobatic Gliding. Accommodation for the trip was provided by Borgo EIBN and we were absolutely delighted to welcome both companies as sponsors.



If you are a budding photographer, professional or amateur than it’s time to get thinking about next year’s awards! You can find a full recap of all the winners at, along with the instructions for entry.


Off to Work would like to give a huge thanks to all entrants, guests and sponsors. It certainly was a night to remember!


Follow the Event Photography Awards on Twitter and Instagram at @The_EPAs.


Details of this year's winners.

Luis Tato - Overall Winner
Email Luis

Corinne Cummings - Winner of Music Events Category and 2nd Place overall.
Email Corinne

Karo Holmberg - Winner of Corporate Events Category
Email Karl

Darren Bandoo - Winner of Experiential and Trade Shows Category

Rooful Ali - Winner of Weddings Category
Email Rooful

Julian Claxton - Winner of Private Events Category
Email Julian

Chris Cooper - Winner of Sporting Events Category
Email Chris


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