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A charity uniting generations


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Giving is about more than money. That's why we are proud of our commercial partnership with the London Irish Centre.

They say you are the company you keep, and we believe it to be true. That is precisely why we are so proud of our commercial partnership with the London Irish Centre (LIC).

Some may know it as the venue for the Off to Work training program in London, but the LIC’s rich history and culture is where its true beauty lies.

Following a massive economic depression in Ireland in the 1950’s, thousands of Irish citizens came to London to find opportunity and a chance to start over and create a better life. The LIC opened its doors in Camden Square over 60 years ago to help the Irish community improve their housing, income, access to health, and social inclusion opportunities.

As a partner of the London Irish Centre, a proportion of Off to Work’s commercial contribution to the charity is used to support the Irish community through the organisation’s Welfare Services. The LIC is now the largest welfare organisation outside of Ireland, and has become a rich cultural hub of Irish social activity. It’s inspiring to witness what the LIC does to improve quality of life for so many Irish people, year after year.

But perhaps the most inspiring is the level of commitment to the LIC that is shown across generations. Millennials (born between 1980 and 1995), many of whom are children of those who have received support from the LIC, wanted to give back to the charity that helped their parents and grandparents. Some have chosen to volunteer at the centre, others have taken up roles in their Befriending Service.




The Befriending service connects volunteers with elderly or isolated members of the Irish community in need of someone to make their life a bit brighter. Whether it’s help with food shopping or just having a friendly chat, it’s beautiful to see generations coming together to support one another through the LIC’s Welfare Services.

As a company employing majority millennials as casual staff, Off to Work is a first-hand witness to their work ethic, drive, passion, and social consciousness. Although millennials have a reputation for being a selfie-taking social media obsessed generation, they actually place a greater value in social responsibility than in money*. Contrary to popular belief, they also contribute a significant proportion of their time and money to charity, as is reflected in the convergence of generations at the LIC.

We’re immensely proud of the work that the LIC continues to do and we hope to work with them for many years to come.

We encourage you to support the LIC or use Team London to find other volunteer opportunities near you. Not only would you be enhancing your CV**, but you would be lending a hand in creating the sort of world we would be proud to pass on to future generations.

* The Millennial Impact Report 2014.

** Three out of four employers would hire a candidate with volunteering experience ahead of one without.

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