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The Art of Culinary Photography: Introducing the EPAs New Food Category


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Thanks to social media and the influence of digital platforms on both our personal and professional lives over the last decade, the popularity of food photography has soared.

The sharing of tantalizing images of food creation have become an overwhelming, and somewhat innate trend especially with social media making everyone an “iPhoneographer”. Whether you are showing off your culinary genius with that deliciously perfected poached egg and avocado on toast you made at home or you’re sharing examples of the best eating hot spots in your city, food photography is a fantastic way for food junkies to discover the best of what their taste buds will allow them.

From tips on recipes to reviews on restaurants, we are always drawn to the flavorous images that accompany them. Dining in and dining out have become a photographic experience, whether you are a professional or an amateur. 

Because of the need for visual images in our increasingly digital world, taking aesthetically pleasing shots of food that draw people in, has also become far more tricky and competitive- as it is so important to entertain your fans, followers or prospective employers with truly original, sensory shots. Even food needs to tell a story, and photography of food can be used to reflect every kind of experience in a person’s life; from buzzing celebrations to intimate moments, and can even be used to express the traditions that make a city or country what it is.

The Event Photography Awards celebrate the photographers who capture these very memorable moments in our lives, artists that leave magical and lasting images in our memories and with that in mind, our mouth-watering new Food category is there to provide the same experience. The category, alongside an exciting new Venues addition, is here to showcase the best of food art and the shots that truly capture the culinary excitement of an event or experience in hospitality. The category can cover everything from haute cuisine to crazy cocktails.

Here are some examples of the entries so far, which are proving to be a feast for the eyes and the senses beyond…


Professional photographer Laurie Fletcher“A supper shared in Lisbon”



Professional Photographer Deb Porter - "Lobster Line"



Amateur photographer Lydia Vernon - “Vegan Green Tea Matcha & Banana Bread”



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